North Carolina Driving School can offer a variety of customized contracts.
We will be happy to meet with you to discuss the needs of your school system. Contracts may vary in many ways depending upon your systems needs, such as utilizing the school systems vehicles or having North Carolina Driving School provide vehicles, or even a combination of both. If the system already has instructors in place, North Carolina Driving School will hire them, or we can bring in our own instructors. Also, North Carolina Driving School can assist in the implementation of coordinator positions in your school system to help organize your program. There are many contract styles and every system has its own needs. Let us help you provide a top-notch safety-first program that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

Our Instructors
North Carolina Driving School instructors are recruited using the following educational background guidelines:

  • Employ DPI Driver Education Certified Teachers who are already working in the system.
  • Employ DPI Certified Teachers who work for local school systems and certify them in Driver Education.
  • Employ qualified DMV Certified Instructors.

North Carolina Driving School employs a staff of 174 certified, experienced instructors. All of our instructors are certified in Driver Education either by the NC Department of Public Iinstruction or the NC Division of Motor Vehicles. Those instructors attend various workshops and field related courses each year to stay abreast of the newest laws and curriculums, providing our students with the best knowledge and safety techniques available.

Our Vehicles
Safety is our first priority. That is why we try to provide the safest possible Driver Education vehicles available. Currently we have 129 vehicles in service across the state, with 80% of them being 2008 through 2012 models. The cars are routinely inspected and all are approved and certified by NCDMV. We equip these vehicles with dual safety brakes and lighted driver education signs. Most vehicles have cellular phones as an extra safety measure. All vehicles have a maintenance log kept in the glove compartment to record all work performed on the vehicle. Our instructors have repair stations and tow truck telephone numbers available for emergencies, as well as a list of rules and guidelines that they must follow if there is a problem or accident. You will find our safety record is impeccable.